Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Mormon who might just go all the way

The Mormon who might just go all the way - Sunday Times - Times Online:
"Romney has made enormous strides in persuading them that on their key issues — abortion, marriage, gays, stem cells — he is indeed one of them. But the worry remains that the base won’t really turn out for a Mormon. And so the religious right, bereft of alternatives, may find itself hoist on its own theocratic petard. Maybe, eventually, they will learn to moderate. But only, I suspect, if the sole alternative is President Hillary Clinton.

And so Romney’s deepest asset may well become finding the right opponent. And that, paradoxically, is up to the Democrats."

Romney reaches for Reagan touch

Romney reaches for Reagan touch - The Boston Globe:
"Romney's repeated references to the nation's 40th president in two weeks illustrate how the governor, as he builds toward a 2008 presidential bid, is increasingly trying to cast himself in the Reagan mold -- as a patriotic, small-government conservative from outside the Beltway who's bent on repelling taxes, moral relativism, and foreign threats."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

There's Something About Romney

Hugh Hewitt - There's Something About Romney: "Romney has won the hearts of people like Kathryn Lopez because he is a singularly impressive individual. Almost all politicians can talk the proverbial buffalo off the proverbial nickel; as a class, politicians excel at delivering lengthy extemporaneous speeches that offer virtually nothing in terms of substantive content. After a while, you discover that the reason our politicians shy away from substantive content is that they often don’t know what they’re talking about and thus must do so out of necessity."

Is America ready for a Mormon president?

Is America ready for a Mormon president? | US News |
"'A lot of them find him an attractive candidate. But a lot of them can't get past the whole Mormonism aspect of his faith, which puts him in a difficult position,' Spiliotes said."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Romney Gets It

The Claremont Institute: The Remedy - Romney Gets It:
"At Claremont we study statesmanship. One of the main elements of statesmanship in our republic is teaching. Great American statesman must educate the citizenry about the nature and purpose of republican government.

I have only begun to pay close attention to the race for the 2008 Republican nomination, but so far Romney seems to be the only one who might understand that."

Romney Forges On, Heedless of GOP Losses

Romney Forges On, Heedless of GOP Losses -
"By almost any measure, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney - a would-be presidential candidate - should be hanging his head right now...

Yet true to the business training that earned him hundreds of millions of dollars, Romney has a plan and he's sticking to it...

The 59-year-old former venture capitalist, who gained fame resurrecting the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, is proceeding on a methodical course of fundraising, staff-building and outreach."

'06 Election Could Bode Well for Romney in '08

'06 Election Could Bode Well for Romney in '08 - KCPW:
"'The voters indicated they wanted new faces,' says Bennett. 'Romney is a new face. McCain has been around for a quarter of a century. This may be unfair, but it's true. Romney is ten years younger than John McCain and looks 15 or 20 years younger.'"

Little-known details about Mitt Romney

Little-known details about Mitt Romney:
"DETAIL YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW: His first name is Willard. He was named for his father's friend J. Willard Marriott. Mitt, his middle name, comes from a relative who played football for the Chicago Bears - Milton Romney. The governor went by 'Billy' in kindergarten."

Can Mitt win?

Can Mitt win? - News - The Phoenix:
"To woo those conservatives, Romney has staked out a position in the GOP presidential field akin to that of George W. Bush, without the taint of Washington. He supports the Iraq war as a necessary part of the war on Islamist-fueled terror. He has embraced social conservative causes by shifting to a strict pro-life position, denouncing stem-cell research, and, of course, bashing same-sex marriage. And Romney is on even steadier ground with what you might call the corporate wing of the Republican Party, which is looking for a pro-business, small-government, anti-regulation, low-tax candidate. "

On Mitt Romney’s Chances

The Corner on National Review Online - On Mitt Romney’s Chances:
"FRED BARNES: You know, I think [his religion] is less of a problem than people think. You know, he spent a lot of time talking to people like Richard Land of the Southern Baptists Convention and others who . . . had said this, we're not electing a theologian-in-chief, we're electing a commander-in-chief. An while an earlier generation of Christians might have said, 'Look, I'm not going to vote for a Mormon,' I think now most of them will just set aside — are willing to set aside his faith."

Romney: ‘I’m a conservative Republican’

Romney: ‘I’m a conservative Republican’ -
"“That’s his position, and in my opinion, it’s disingenuous,” he said. “Look, if somebody says they’re in favor of gay marriage, I respect that view. If someone says — like I do — that I oppose same–sex marriage, I respect that view. But those who try and pretend to have it both ways, I find it to be disingenuous.”"

Mitt Romney for President: Part II, the Man (Blog)

Sound Politics: Mitt Romney for President: Part II, the Man:
"Romney's resume is more diverse than Giuliani's: successful businessman, mega-project troubleshooter, and innovative Governor. In fact, if one wants to avoid taking the time to read up on Romney, just watch the video at the link above. Impressive stuff as far as political videos go, and which drew praise from NRO's The Corner."

For 2008, There's Room at the Top

NPR : For 2008, There's Room at the Top:
"So which Republican governors are actually running? The best known is Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, stepping onto the national stage after a single term in office. Romney could see a big blue tide coming at him, and he got out of the way. His chosen successor lost in a landslide this month, giving Democrats the governorship for the first time since Michael Dukakis left the office in 1990."

Monday, November 20, 2006

Many voters say they would never vote for Mormon president

Salt Lake Tribune - Many voters say they would never vote for Mormon president:
"The latest poll, released Monday, is bad news for Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Mormon Republican who is expected to make a 2008 presidential bid. Previous polls have shown a smaller share of Americans saying they would not vote for a Mormon presidential candidate. "

Gov. Romney Plans Decision on 2008 White House Run in January - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum - Gov. Romney Plans Decision on 2008 White House Run in January - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum:
"The millions of dollars Romney has raised have helped pay for extensive travel around the country and donations to candidates in presidential states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Michigan. He has won over activists and organizers from 43 states and 50 prominent CEOs, including the chiefs of Ebay and Marriot Hotels. His fundraising team also features nearly three-dozen Pioneers and Rangers from the Bush-Cheney election team. Those Bush backers individually raised $100,000 and $200,000 in each of the last two presidential campaigns."

"...30% hold an unfavorable view..." (Poll)

Election 2008: Morman Mitt Romney:
"Overall, 29% of Likely Voters have a favorable opinion of Romney while 30% hold an unfavorable view. Most of those opinions are less than firmly held. Ten percent (10%) hold a very favorable opinion while 11% have a very unfavorable assessment. Among the 41% with no opinion of Romney, just 27% say they would consider voting for a Mormon."

Poll Is Bad News For Romney: 43% Won't Vote For A Mormon (blog)

Poll Is Bad News For Romney: 43% Won't Vote For A Mormon | TPMCafe:
"A new Rasmussen poll has some bad news for Mitt Romney as he heads into an expected run for President: 43% of Americans say they wouldn't consider voting for a Mormon for President. Only 38% say they would consider voting for such a candidate. The number is even worse for him with Evangelical Christians, a key social-conservative GOP demographic: A full 53% of whom would vote against a Mormon candidate. Still, it could be worse for Romney; the absolute least popular religious affiliations are Muslims and atheists. Rasmussen finds that 61% say they would never consider voting for a Muslim Presidential candidate; 60%, meanwhile, would never pull the lever for an atheist."

Romney prepares to run for Republican nomination

Financial Times Business News: Romney prepares to run for Republican nomination - MSN Money:
"While Mr Romney succeeds at portraying himself as a 'solid, good guy', Prof Stewart said he loses points with professionals for the way he has treated Massachusetts 'as a political whipping boy'. In various out-of-town speeches, Mr Romney has portrayed the state's liberalism as a foil to cast himself as a conservative fighting blue-state waste, according to Prof Stewart."

Gov’s wedding vow: Romney tries new tack to get gay marriage on ballot - Local Politics: Gov’s wedding vow: Romney tries new tack to get gay marriage on ballot:
"Meanwhile, yesterday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, said he sees an opening for Romney as a clear conservative voice in a 2008 GOP field now dominated by Arizona Sen. John McCain and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.
“I think Mitt Romney has an opportunity to fill that,” Gingrich said, referring to the outgoing Massachusetts governor.
Unlike Romney, McCain and Giuliani are opposed to a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reid leads Mormons into D.C. mainstream

Salt Lake Tribune - Reid leads Mormons into D.C. mainstream:
"One side note in his ascension is that it could end up helping Republican Mitt Romney, who is expected to run for president. Several pundits have warned that Romney's Mormonism could be his biggest hindrance, but if the public becomes accustomed to Mormons in high office, the going might be easier.
'Harry Reid's LDS affiliation will be a net plus for Mitt Romney, clearly demonstrating to moderates and independents Mormons can be active in the church and be a leader of great consequence,' Nixon says. "

'Pres. Romney' sounds good to many | 'Pres. Romney' sounds good to many:
"He said McCain and Giuliani might split the more moderate and liberal Republican vote, giving the bulk of the conservative vote to Romney.
To avoid making the 2008 primary season more about religion than politics, Romney will have to set a clear agenda of two or three things he wants to do, he said. Right now, it is the 'silly season' of an upcoming presidential campaign, Corrado said, where voters do not know much about the candidates."

Poll: Mitt is top Utah choice | Poll: Mitt is top Utah choice:
"Romney is by far the best liked, according to the survey conducted last week by Dan Jones & Associates. His high-profile leadership of the 2002 Winter Games in Utah gave him much positive exposure in the state.
Forty-four percent of Utahns said they would vote for Romney for president if the election were today."