Friday, August 18, 2006

Lott brings Romney and issues to annual Republican luncheon

Lott brings Romney and issues to annual Republican luncheon: "'Let me say, governor -- Get some advice from these ladies. They can make you or break you.'

That was Pascagoula Mayor Matthew Avara's advice to Republican Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the guest speaker at the annual Jackson County Republican Wo-men's Founders' Day luncheon Thursday at Angie's at the LaFont Inn in Pascagoula."

Southern audience delights in a visitor from North

Southern audience delights in a visitor from North - The Boston Globe:
"So when the ladies dressed in red welcomed Governor Mitt Romney to this Gulf Coast town yesterday, they had no interest in the handshakes Romney was offering. They went in for hugs.

``This is a friendly place, isn't it?' Romney said as he extricated himself from his first bear hug of the day."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Romney in Mississippi: Not ready to announce 2008 intentions

AP Wire | 08/17/2006 | Romney in Mississippi: Not ready to announce 2008 intentions:
"'I think there are a number of good people in our party, and maybe one or two in the other party, who are thinking about running in '08. And they want to keep their options open. And that's an active effort,' Romney said."

Would Romney Be the Wrong 'Right' Republican for President in 2008?

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE - Would Romney Be the Wrong 'Right' Republican for President in 2008? by Matt Towery:
"The Republican 'in crowd' is attracted to Romney because they feel comfortable with him. Like President Bush, Romney has a long Republican pedigree -- his father was Michigan Gov. George Romney. He has an impressive resume of business leadership, exemplified by his heading up the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. And he's proved his ability to sell the GOP in the notoriously liberal Democratic state of Massachusetts."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Massachusetts Gov. Romney Unveils Long Term Energy Plan

.: Massachusetts Gov. Romney Unveils Long Term Energy Plan - Massachusetts :. .: All American Patriots :.:
"Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney today outlined a long term energy plan that seeks to better manage the energy needs of Massachusetts.

If we do nothing, the high cost of energy will go even higher and residents and businesses will have to pay more, said Romney. By taking control of our energy future, we'll save hundreds of millions of dollars and continue growing our economy."

Hatch touts Romney during Tooele visit

Tooele Transcript Bulletin On-line: Hatch touts Romney during Tooele visit:
"Hatch reeled of the names of several potential Republican candidates for president. 'Mitt Romney would be the best candidate. He's the best manager, he's been a terrific governor working in a liberal state, he's charismatic, handsome and wealthy, and he made it on his own,' Hatch said. 'The Mormon issue could hurt him because people don't know a lot about Mormons. They still think Mormons practice polygamy and have other ideas. John F. Kennedy was able to break through though as the first Catholic president.'
'I think Hillary (Clinton) could be the Democratic candidate if she wants it. I call her 'Hill.' I don't think women will vote for her.' "

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Huntsman's McCain endorsement raises questions (Column) | Huntsman's McCain endorsement raises questions:
"McCain has more foreign affairs experience at a time of war and international turmoil. As frontrunner, McCain also has a better chance of winning. But Romney would make a terrific president, and his campaign is going better than anyone expected. Huntsman's move this early was a big surprise, and most likely a personal blow to Romney, although not a big factor overall. Certainly, no deal was made for any job. If Huntsman is freshly re-elected in 2008, he couldn't very well leave the governorship to hop aboard a new McCain administration. But over a couple of terms, a lot of turnover occurs in a president's Cabinet, and it won't hurt Huntsman to have a solid relationship with McCain. My concern is that I've heard too often from Utah's congressional delegation that McCain is not a team player, is a prima donna, and doesn't have the temperament to be a good president."

The Lessons of the Father

The Lessons of the Father - The Boston Globe:
"So this is where we are. Forty years after the father's birth, the son was born. Forty years after the father became a governor, the son won his own governorship. And forty years after the father's presidential dream was dashed, along comes the son cueing up to make his own run. On the surface, the two men are near clones. Same business-world pedigree. Same storybook marriage to his high school sweetheart. Same square jaw and large forehead, made larger when he fl ashes that bright white smile and his eyes recede under a heavy brow. Same central-casting sweep of black hair with a dose of distinguished white at the temples. (Sure, it's talked about entirely too much, but, good Lord, is that a nice head of hair.)"