Saturday, April 08, 2006

NPR : Romney's Mission: Massachusetts Health Care

NPR : Romney's Mission: Massachusetts Health Care: "Gov. Romney, a Republican and a former businessman, bases his support on economics. When Romney became governor three years ago, a business colleague urged him to do something about the 500,000 or more Massachusetts residents without health insurance. Nearly nine out of ten are in working families.

After studying the problem, Romney says, he came away with a key insight: 'People who don't have insurance nonetheless receive health care. And it's expensive.'"

Friday, April 07, 2006

In health care, Romney hears echo of 1994 as he peers toward 2008 "Gov. Mitt Romney plans to sign the state's new health care legislation next week with as much fanfare as anyone short of the president can muster, a nod to the importance the new law could play in his campaign should he run for the White House in 2008."

Health Care Plan Gives Romney Boost in GOP Field

Yahoo! News: "Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's chances in the presidential sweepstakes have just gone from 'decent' to 'excellent.' By successfully brokering legislation that promises to 'solve' the health care problem in Massachusetts, Romney has instantly become, in
President Bush's long-since-forgotten slogan from 2000, a 'reformer with results.'"

Healthcare bill fuels Romney's momentum

The Boston Globe: "Romney, who is riding a wave of mostly positive national media attention for his role in the pioneering healthcare effort, has tentatively planned a tickets-only signing ceremony at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Faneuil Hall."

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Greenfield: Health plan could jump-start a Romney presidential bid - Apr 6, 2006 "If Gov. Mitt Romney decides to seek the presidency, this plan [universal health care] is likely to attract the attention of states across the country; it not only suggests a way out of the most daunting fiscal pressure the states face, but the near-unanimous votes in both houses of the Legislature also suggest a way to find consensus out of conflict."

Mass. Health Care Plan Riles Some Liberals "The most radical portion of Massachusetts' move toward universal health care _ a requirement that all residents carry insurance _ is giving indigestion to some who view it as a breathtaking expansion of government power."

Gov. Jobs is MIA

The Boston Globe - Column: "But what workers -- what we all -- have a right to expect is political leaders who have a sense of what we face every day. That when we are in trouble, they will listen. To be president, Romney must convince America not only of the merit of his ideas, but the compassion in his heart."

New York Times

On Health Care, Massachusetts Leaders Invoke Action, Not Talk: "Massachusetts has more than its share of political egos per capita, so one of the most surprising aspects about the measure this week to create near-universal health care coverage is that it involved the cooperation of virtually every political stakeholder in the state." - Business News

For Romney, reforms may be just what doctor ordered: "If you’re running for president in the modern Republican Party, there are two political allies you could probably do without.
Ted Kennedy and The New York Times.
So Mitt Romney found himself in dangerous territory yesterday.
Not only is Kennedy hailing the health-care reforms. The Times, in a fulsome front page article, even implied the governor could be worthy of the highest accolade it can give a Republican: “moderate.” "

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Clinton Praises Romney Health Care Plan: "'In absence of a national policy, states are doing what we can to address the issues,' said Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who is also exploring a 2008 presidential bid. He praised Romney's approach.

Even Democrats who questioned his policy admired Romney's politics.

'It's a feel-good story, this Romney thing. Republican Governor. Democratic legislature,' said James Carville, architect of President Clinton's 1992 campaign and an advocate of single-payer health insurance. 'Romney is an ascendent guy.' "

|| RedState

Moment of Truth for Mitt Romney - HillaryCare|| RedState: "I don't know anything about this law, other than what's written here. Let's just say that upon first blush, if Romney signs this, he will have an uphill battle if he runs for President. Universal health coverage sounds like Hillarycare to me."

Hugh Hewitt: April 02, 2006 - April 08, 2006 Archives

Hugh Hewitt: April 02, 2006 - April 08, 2006 Archives: "The Romney Plan/The Romney Win
by Hugh Hewitt
On Friday night's Larry King show, Martha Zoller and I sparred with lefty Ed Schultz and radical Rhandi Rhodes over the issues of the day. Here's one exchange on health care of particular interest today:

CALLER: And I would also like to ask the panel if what they thought if this administration or the president, if they're going to make any headway on the whole health care issue, as I'm one of the many that don't have it.
SCHULTZ: Do you want me to -- Larry, this is the number one issue on the minds of all Americans on both sides of the political aisle across the country right now. You cannot expect families to absorb year after year double-digit increases, and the number of people that don't have any health insurance. And the conservatives are sitting there saying, go get a savings account. What! Come on, give me a break....
KING: What do you think?
HEWITT: I think people should look at the states. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has come up with a very, very innovative plan that says to those who are 30 and 40 years old, who are just not buying health insurance because they don't need it, they figure they'll get it later when they get it, you're going to pay in. At the state level, like Massachusetts and the Romney plan, there are many innovative solutions. What we don't need is Canadian health care. What we don't need is what Ed wants....

The Romney plan I referred to on Friday night became law yesterday, and with its passage, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney got a huge boost in his campaign for the presidency.

While Majority Leader Frist, and Senators Allen and McCain are locked in a bloody intra-party battle over illegal immigration, Romn"

Sunday, April 02, 2006

D.C. Notebook

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? "