Saturday, June 17, 2006

Slaying dragons far from Utah

Slaying dragons far from Utah - The Washington Times:
"Mitt Romney is widely admired hereabouts not only for his Mormon faith but for his orthodox views on taxes, the war in Iraq, same-sex 'marriage' and nearly all the other items in the catechism of modern conservatism. But it's his religion -- what the National Review has called 'Mormonism's doctrinal oddities' -- that has so far defined Mr. Romney, and that makes his fellow Mormons wince."

Friday, June 16, 2006

Four Reasons Why The Southern Baptist Convention Election Matters To You

Hotline On Call: Four Reasons Why The Southern Baptist Convention Election Matters To You (If You're Not A Southern Baptist):
"One of the larger unknowns associated with Mitt Romney's presidential candidacy is whether Protestant pastors -- not Protestant laity -- would find it salubrious to support a Mormon for president. After all, the fasting growing American religious denomination is Romney's LDS church. The competitive pressures for the affection (and souls) of Americans is intense. Will these pressures make supporting Romney untenable? Put aside theology and focus on filling the seats: would these pastors dare endorse (with the nudges and winks, of course) a Mormon over a non-Mormon evangelical? Will these pastors choose Romney if they know a Romney presidency would likely usher in both a new wave of acceptance for Mormon theology and lead to the further growth of Mormon congregations?"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Romney Defends Out-Of-State Travels - Romney Defends Out-Of-State Travels:
"Gov. Mitt Romney is the state's full-time chief executive, but he is spending a lot of time on the road.
Official travel records obtained by NewsCenter 5 show that since the first of the year, Romney has been in Massachusetts half the time."

Monday, June 12, 2006

Travel schedule highlights Romney fundraising plan

omney fundraising plan - Boston.comTravel schedule highlights Romney fundraising plan -
"Gov. Mitt Romney raised money for his political action committee in Utah on Monday, culminating a week's worth of travel that offered insight to his fundraising strategy should he run for president in 2008."

The Full Ginsberg

Hotline On Call: The Full Ginsberg:
"We think that the real leg up for Romney, aside from his natural Bain Capital/ U.S. Olympic Committee//Mass. tech money base, is his Republican Governors Association perch. It's through the RGA that Romney has an excuse to meet some of the party's biggest bundlers. And by tracking the fundraising promises of these donors for Republican governors, Romney's team can figure out which bundlers have real potential for '08. "

Gov. Romney, in San Diego, touts Mass. insurance law Gov. Romney, in San Diego, touts Mass. insurance law:
"People always ask me, 'How much of this can be applied in our state?' Well, I don't have a precise answer to that, but a good portion can, Romney told a gathering of health insurance managers at the San Diego Convention Center. "

Playing the religion card

Playing the religion card - Renew America:
"Lay aside the religion, and what I see in Mitt Romney is a man who has won one election his entire life, and in that job has changed his positions on basic issues to match his national ambition. As much as Romney sympathizers may want to turn his campaign into a referendum on whether the GOP will be tolerant of an LDS nominee, the real issue is competence, philosophy, and trust. Anyone who moves the focus elsewhere should be ashamed of themselves."

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Test of Faith (Subscription)

Test of Faith - Wall Street Journal: "'You may have heard that I'm Mormon,' Mr. Romney told the crowd, adding that it's 'very difficult being Mormon' in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage is legalized. 'You see for us, marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman and a woman and a woman,' he deadpanned in an oft-repeated line. The crowd erupted in laughter."

Romney strategy pays off quickly

Romney strategy pays off quickly - The Boston Globe:
"Governor Mitt Romney is financing the early stages of his potential presidential campaign with a novel, multistate fund-raising operation that is allowing him to maximize legal donations, outflank top Republican competitors, and minimize public scrutiny."

`Challenge coins' give Romney's gifts some personalized flair

`Challenge coins' give Romney's gifts some personalized flair - The Boston Globe:
"Romney took the coins with him on his tour of Iraq and Afghanistan last month. ``Captain Jay,' the pilot of the C-130 that flew Romney into Baghdad -- who also happens to be blogger for Newsday -- wrote that as he disembarked, Romney gave him his ``personal coin.'

``I wished him `Good Luck in '08,' ' the pilot wrote, ``and we went our separate ways.'"

Utahns pouring money into Romney PACs | Utahns pouring money into Romney PACs:
"A Deseret Morning News examination of records from four states as well as from the federal government found that Utah donations account for nearly 45 percent of the more than $1.6 million raised so far by Romney's leadership political action committees."