Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Narrowing Field (Editorial)

That problem has been exacerbated by the withering away of the federal matching fund system, which was designed to boost lesser-known primary candidates but has now become functionally irrelevant, because the top-tier candidates can raise more on their own than they would be permitted to if they accepted matching funds. An increasingly front-loaded primary system -- on the Democratic side, candidates will need enough to get through four contests in 15 days -- intensifies the need for an early pile of cash.
-From Washington Post


Blogger truth sender said...

I want to know where Mr. Romney stands on the FairTax Plan, HR-25 in congress?

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Blogger said...

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Blogger Wm. Scott Howard said...

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Blogger alabaster spandex said...

Hey anyone who wants to know Romney's views (and compare them to those of other candidates on 12 issues) from a non-partisan perspective...
check out the Harvard-student-created startup that is growing in popularity as a source, especially for youth, of quick and accessible information and commentary.

Feel free to leave posts of your own!

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Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

Election funding is a mess. Generally, it seems better to just keep the government out of election financing altogether. You might enjoy the speech on religion:

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Blogger PolticalJunkie2008 said...

A large group of Mitt supporters are organizing an event to have as many Mitt supporters as we can get to donate on December 7th. Check out the pledge at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitt is an international investor who created a company that by all accounts is a corporate raider. Corporate raiders look for companies that are going through tough times and pounce on them. They pay off the stockholders and eliminate public ownership. That immediately guarantees that most of their activities will be kept secret from public scrutiny.

They then “harvest” the company, hoarding cash, laying off employees, and closing plants. Sometimes, like flipping a house, they will sell off the company for a quick profit without any consideration for the impact on the employees or community.

These ruthless predatory tactics have made Mitt Romney one of the richest men in the country and he has spent tens of millions of dollars in his pursuit of power, starting with a failed Senate bid in Massachusetts, a winning bid for the governorship, and now, a bid for the Presidency. His blind trust holdings include a significant chunk of Bain Capital with his estimated earnings in 2006 anywhere from $17 to $69 million dollars. A list of his top 10 contributors all trace back to his Bain connection. This company controls or has an interest in 50 billion dollars worth of commerce. Their true influence on commerce is unknown since so much of what they do is designed to be conducted in secrecy.

The Clear Channel connection
It seems to be less than coincidental that in November 2006, Romney’s company, Bain Capital acquired Clear Channel in a deal involving several other private equity investors. Clear Channel has over 1200 radio stations and 41 television stations in the United States, as well as 850,000+ outdoor advertising displays, providing a tremendous resource for a Presidential campaign. His millions have bought much advertising on, you guessed it, Clear Channel outlets.

The Maytag connection
In the early 90’s Maytag knew they were a takeover target and went on an acquisition spree, in part to make them less attractive to predatory companies like Bain. Still, in October 2005, Bain was a partner in a bid that included the Chinese appliance manufacturer Haier that would buy Maytag and export the brand name to appliances made in China. Westinghouse eventually bought Maytag in April 2006 and soon after closed down the Newton operations, throwing thousands out of work and shattering a hundred year old way of life.

We don’t know what would have happened if Romney’s company had not started the bidding war. What we do know is that there is a class of very wealthy people whose strategy for increasing wealth includes a global search for their next score and have no alligiance to the interests of the United States. As the former CEO of Bain, Romney has played a leading role in developing these global strategies.

Sankaty Advisors
One of the most disgusting branches of this predatory company is Sankaty Advisors, 66 people who specialize in managing debt instruments, including distressed debt. Distressed debt is a buzzword for loans that are behind in payments or even in bankruptcy. These Bain people develop strategies for intimidating and coercing money from people who can’t pay off their debts. In November 2007, BusinessWeek exposed one tactic that included seeking debt repayment from people who had been relieved of the debt through bankruptcy, a practice of dubious legal standing.

Some would say that this is capitalism at it’s best, but it is not. Pure capitalism works if it is a fair fight. Democracy works if it is a fair fight. The combination of private equity, hidden agendas, silent partners, inside deals, and exploitation of entire communities is concentrating the wealth of our country into the hands of a few super wealthy families. Cheney/Halliburton move over, here comes the “bain” of Washington.

6:02 PM  
Blogger William said...

Finally, a candidate that I can actively support! It's expensive; but it's worth every dollar if we can get someone in Washington with the integrity, business acumen, and proven leadership our nation needs at its helm. To encourage others (and myself) to give, I’ll match dollar for dollar any contribution made to Romney through the end of the year at his website (up to the legal limit, which I’m nowhere close to). Every dollar counts (double)!

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Blogger William said...

Mitt is the man for the job. Come visit, where every dollar contributed to his campaign counts twice!

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Anonymous Anonymous said... Disdorses Romney:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here’s a poem I wrote for you guys. I call it…

“Ode to Mitt”

The unfortunate state of Mitt nation
Is that, based on his prevarication;
Between words that he speaks
And the trust that he seeks
There appears an inverse correlation

It’s a self-caused integrity gap
For when Mitt merely opens his trap
The truth doesn’t jibe
With what one might describe
As a “Mittful” of eloquent crap

It’s deceit with superb elocution
By a handsome moral Lilliputian
For Mitt’s pimping the truth
You need no vice squad sleuth
To cite him for verbal prostitution

His dissembling seems un-presidential
I can’t fathom the near-reverential
Support or fixation
With a man whose relation
With the truth’s best described as tangential

Of course Bush raised the lie to an art
Mitt’s supporters are just playing their part
In the vast self deception
(Call it GOPerception)
Mitt and George have their interests at heart

It’s a little rough still, I’ll try to tune it up and possibly re-post the final version later. Let me know what you think.

Have a great day!


8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the 2008 elections are upon us, many people are discussing the various candidates' records and statements. I encourage you all to be informed voters about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by visiting the following site:

I hope that you will all make a well-researched voting decision.

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I'm really deciding McCain and Romney. So, convince that Romney is the right choice. My biggest issues in this election are social conservative issues (abortion, gay marriage, etc.); general electability; and principle and consistency. So, convince me on those three issues:
1.) There is numerous records of Romney's support for abortion and same-sex marriage. It seems a little bit opportunistic to suddenly have a change of heart before running as a Republican presidential nominee. Convince me that I should not be worried about his stance on conservative issues, despite his extensive history of being on the other side of the issue.
2.) There are numerous polls out showing that McCain fairs far better in a general election than Romney does.
It makes sense why. Conservative republicans are going to vote against Hillary or Barack (especially Hillary) no matter who the nominee is. Independents will be much more likely to go to McCain than to Romney. A few democrats will shift to McCain and almost none to Romney. And, even some conservative evangelicals will likely stay home because of Romney's mormonism (I think it is a really dumb reason to stay home; yet, that is likely the truth). Convince me that Romney is at least as electable as McCain.
3.) I have an issue with Romney's consistency and honesty (as a lot of people do). First of all, there have been countless instances of flip-flopping for apparent political gain that I've already mentioned. But, even in the debate in CA, he was just plain dishonest. When I first watched the debate, Romney came off better than McCain did. After looking into the facts, however, McCain actually seemed to be more truthful than Romney.
On the issue of troop withdrawal, it that neither candidate was being completely honest. It is clear that Romney was not supporting a public timetable for withdrawal (as he explicitly denied it in a couple of places). However, it seems pretty clear that he was supporting a private timetable for with-drawl. He was asked specifically about a timetable for withdrawal, so the phrase "timetable" should be understood in that context. Also, he said we should make it private so that insurgents would not be waiting in the weeds. The only way that sentence would make sense would be if he was talking about timetables for retreat. There would be no reason to talk about waiting in the weeds otherwise. So, on that issue, it seems that it's a tie, McCain and Romney both lose.
However, on nearly every issue that debate, McCain was being honest and Romney was not (either that, or Romney just didn't know his facts). On the issue of fees, the economy, healthcare costs, etc. Romney's position was wrong and McCain's was right. I found this out from non-partisan Here is the link:
Convince me that Romney's consistency and character if such that I should vote for him. Refute the information on and defend his alleged "flip-flopping."
Thanks for your response. We need to select the right republican this fall!



2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney Supports Gay RIGHTS!
"I think the gay community needs more support from the Republican Party, and I would be a voice in the Republican Party to foster anti-discrimination efforts," Romney said

ROMNEY Practices VOTER SUPRESSION with robo-calls that say this is now a two person race
WRONG there are still four running Candidates. Video showing Romney's Deception to people.

Romney is BUYING VOTES and Has Many Conservative Republicans DUPED
..."Mitt Romney is a retired partner of Bain Capital and receives income from Bain Capital until 2009. In November 2006 (just months before the presidential candidates began announcing their intentions) Bain Capital entered a leveraged buyout agreement with Clear Channel Communications. Bain Capital continues to earn shares of Clear Channel’s profits. Clear Channel has contracts with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingrahm and many more!...." I am not Mormon but thought this was interesting too.

Romney PRO-CHOICE or Pro-Life or whatever best fits your agenda?
"Romney's position on abortion has long been the subject of intense scrutiny. In 1994, he said abortion should be ''safe and legal in this country," and in 2002 he promised to support the status quo on abortion in Massachusetts. "

Want more or is that enough
Vote for the one who has not flipped flop and Who has been consistently Pro-life and who has over ten years governing experience that puts Romney to shame. MIKE HUCKABEE He has beat t the Clinton's before and he can do it again!

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that Romney is out of the race, conservative voters must support Mike Huckabee and give him a fighting chance against McCain!

10:17 PM  
Blogger Colette said...

A group of Romney supporters have joined forces to create a grass roots movement to promote the nomination of Mitt Romney as VP. If you are interested in learning more, please click on the link below:


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Blogger Luke Gunderson said...

Would love to be added to your blog roll.

Mitt Romney Central

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Blogger FastFacts said...

I am starting a coalition for Romney. Interested.

I am going to publish my findings from a study we were commissioned to look into:

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