Sunday, December 24, 2006

Is America ripe for a Mormon president?

All these things I learned that morning.

But as 10 minutes became half an hour and an hour and more, I made a much more profound discovery about this faith: that its adherents are bright and intellectually open, and have a sense of humour, of humanity, that is sadly lacking in other strands of American religious life.


Anonymous Daniel Caldwell said...

It is so sad that your article has been ignored by commenters. I would like to answer your title question with a "Yes."
However, you ask a question about the "signs of the times," and another doctrinal stand is not to ask whether the world is ready, not even to ask if you/I are/am ready, but instead to ask, what do we need to do to become ready?
We would already have a Mormon president or the Second Coming if the world was ready for it.
Just make you ready, and help your brother/neighbor, too.

9:49 PM  

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