Saturday, December 16, 2006

Romney masters the slip

Romney masters the slip - The Boston Globe:
"Romney has, for the most part, successfully avoided the press in Boston and elsewhere in recent days, even as questions mount about his past comments on gay rights, his conservative credentials, and the timing of his expected announcement about his 2008 presidential run."

Romney's response

Inside Politics - Nation/Politics - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper - Romney's response :
"'I'm committed to promoting the culture of life,' the Massachusetts governor told the conservative magazine. 'Like Ronald Reagan and Henry Hyde and others who became pro-life, I had this issue wrong in the past.'
The comments were Mr. Romney's first public explanation of his stance on the two key social issues since the publication last week of a 1994 letter — sent in the final weeks of his failed campaign against Sen. Edward M. Kennedy — in which he cited his sensitivity to the concerns of Log Cabin Republicans, the Republican homosexual group. "

GOP Contenders on a Tightrope

George F. Will - GOP Contenders on a Tightrope -
"Events are accelerating the 2008 Republican nomination contest. When the president speaks on Iraq next month, McCain might be compelled to choose between endorsing a troop withdrawal leading to a 'catastrophic' defeat or an 'immoral' policy of futile perseverance. And by then Romney must explain the ballast of belief he carries as he attempts to become the social conservatives' candidate."

Friday, December 15, 2006

McCain's Michigan nightmare: Romney

DETNEWS | Weblog | Politics - McCain's Michigan nightmare: Romney:
"John McCain played the spoiler in 2000, upending frontrunner George W. Bush in the February Michigan primary and momentarily casting doubt on Bush's party coronation.

As 2008 looms, McCain is the frontrunner - and, ironically, Michigan could prove his undoing."

'06 rearranges '08 presidential chairs

'06 rearranges '08 presidential chairs -
"Romney: He 'absolutely blew away New Hampshire Republicans with his smooth talking,' Luntz said. But Romney also was 'blown away by Iowa Republicans for evasive answers and lack of national experience.' Romney 'looks and sounds presidential,' Luntz said, but his Mormon faith was a hurdle for some focus group participants. "

Romney: I’ve evolved into the right’s stuff - Local Politics: Romney: I’ve evolved into the right’s stuff:
"Addressing the issue for the first time yesterday, Romney told National Review Online editor Kathryn Jean Lopez - who admitted to having “pro-Romney tendencies” in the transcript - that his position on gay marriage has changed."

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ehrlich sought by 2008 maybes

Ehrlich sought by 2008 maybes - Metropolitan - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper:
"'Mitt and I have similar views on issues,' he said. 'He obviously being a Northeastern Republican had some of the same obstacles that we have had as well.' "

A Primary Factor: Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in an exclusive pre-Christmas 2006 interview

Interview on National Review Online: Gov. Mitt Romney:
"Lopez: Will an exposé on Mormon Christmas celebrations hurt you in the primaries?

Gov. Romney: This may sound strange to some, but my grandchildren will be eagerly awaiting presents to be delivered to their homes by a bearded man in a red suit led by a pack of flying reindeer. The lead reindeer, by the way, has a red light bulb for a nose — certainly a YouTube scandal waiting to happen."

It's religious bigotry | It's religious bigotry:
"For that matter, polls have shown a percentage of Americans today hold onto their religious bigotry and would refuse to vote for Romney — should he run for president — because of his membership in the LDS Church."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Clinton and Giuliani Have Early Edge in '08 Race, Poll Shows

Clinton and Giuliani Have Early Edge in '08 Race, Poll Shows -
"There was another potentially more significant issue of concern for Romney in the survey. Asked whether they would be more or less likely to vote for a candidate who is Mormon, as Romney is, 35 percent said they would be less likely and 3 percent said they would be more likely. Sixty-one percent said it would make no difference."

Romney's Aspirations Take a Hit?

Romney's Aspirations Take a Hit?: "Barbara Comstock, a senior advisor to Romney's Commonwealth political Action Committee defended Romney saying 'In 2003, when activist judges on the Supreme Court of Massachusetts redefined marriage by court order, Governor Romney stood up and defended traditional marriage. Governor Romney opposes same-sex marriage, but he also opposes unjust discrimination against anyone.' "

Latter-day Saints: A look at the Mormon church - National Politics: Latter-day Saints: A look at the Mormon church:
"Q: What moral values does the church embrace?

A: Mormons emphasize hard work, volunteerism, education and chastity; they oppose abortion, gay relationships, gambling and pornography. Family is especially important to Mormons, rooted in their belief that marriage and family relationships among the faithful are 'sealed' and may continue through eternity. As just one example of this emphasis, the church directs members to reserve Mondays for what they call Family Home Evening, when families gather on their own for prayer and instruction, followed by fun activities. "

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Romney's Record on Gay Rights Questioned

Romney's Record on Gay Rights Questioned | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited:
"The statement said the governor has been a ``champion of traditional marriage.''

At a gathering of San Diego County Republicans on Monday night, Romney brushed aside a question from The Associated Press. ``Thanks, I have other people to talk to right now,'' he said."

Mitt Romney and gay rights

Power Line: Mitt Romney and gay rights:
"The article goes on to show that as governor Romney has appointed openly gay individuals to state office, has continued to speak generally in favor of defending civil rights without regard to sexual preference, and has continued to fund (though at a very modest level) the pre-existing Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. I don't see anything here that Romney should be embarrassed about."

Romney is fast rising as a serious contender

Romney is fast rising as a serious contender - The Boston Globe:
"Until very recently, Governor Mitt Romney has been a long shot preparing for a race -- the Republican presidential primaries -- that almost always goes to the favorite."

Monday, December 11, 2006

Blue Bayou: Old Romney vs. new Romney (blog)

Blue Bayou: Old Romney vs. new Romney:
"As Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney works on pumping up his right-wing social conservative credentials as part of his presidential campaign, he faces an interesting issue: the statements of Mitt Romney, candidate for US Senate, in 1994. As Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney works on pumping up his right-wing social conservative credentials as part of his presidential campaign, he faces an interesting issue: the statements of Mitt Romney, candidate for US Senate, in 1994. "

Candidates Seem to Be Emulating Reagan

Candidates Seem to Be Emulating Reagan -
"In these early days of the 2008 presidential campaign, when politicians still are exploring the notion of a run and trying to fill out their political profiles, candidates are trying to glom on to a little of the luster from the Reagan glory days."

2008 hopefuls woo Bush clan donors, aides

2008 hopefuls woo Bush clan donors, aides - Los Angeles Times:
"The presentation was produced by one of the governor's longtime advisors, Sally Bradshaw, who is now a Romney strategist. Bradshaw is so close to Jeb Bush that it is unlikely she would work for any of the 2008 candidates without his blessing. In an interview, Bradshaw said that Jeb Bush only 'encouraged me' to meet with Romney, insisting that the Florida governor is not trying to indicate a favorite in the race."

Mister PowerPoint Goes to Washington

Mister PowerPoint Goes to Washington —
"Mitt Romney, Massachusetts governor and Olympics savior, aspires to the White House. What does his background as a Bain consultant and hyper-successful venture capitalist tell us about how he’ll perform?"

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Romney reaching to right

Romney reaching to right - A Concord Monitor Article - Your News Source - Concord NH 03301:
"The Mitt Romney who twice ran for statewide office in Massachusetts is a different politician from the Romney who will likely court New Hampshire voters in the 2008 Republican presidential primary."

A dream come true dream come true::By Kathryn Jean Lopez:
"Back in 1963 on the Washington Mall, he proclaimed his dream, 'deeply rooted in the American dream.' He had a 'dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.''"

Diverse '08 presidential field

Diverse '08 presidential field | :
"And on the GOP side, with an equal number of possible candidates, the hard-charging challenger is a Mormon, the front-runners are more moderate than the average Republican and the only Southerner of any stature is a Pennsylvania-born former House speaker who resigned amid a swirl of controversy."

Romney charms key Bush backers

Salt Lake Tribune - Romney charms key Bush backers:
"Among the 160 or so wealthy Republicans the Romney campaign had invited for the weekend were a particularly important group of potential supporters - the 40 or so men and women who were ''Rangers'' or ''Pioneers'' in the 2000 and 2004 campaigns of President Bush. "