Saturday, May 06, 2006

Jockeying for dollars, prospective candidates tap Derby donors

AP Wire: Jockeying for dollars, prospective candidates tap Derby donors:
"'If you want to run for president, you've got to come to the Kentucky Derby,' said Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher, who was helping play host to the Republican Governors event."

Circling the White House

Washington Post: Circling the White House:
"Mitt Romney : Probably the brightest and most talented candidate in the GOP field, boosted by recent passage of universal health care in Massachusetts. Mormon faith could be an asset in that it offers a network of potential supporters and donors, and a liability in that some conservative religious leaders either don't consider Mormons 'true Christians,' or regard the fastest-growing religion in small-town America as a threat."

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Mormon President? (Opinion)

American Chronicle: A Mormon President?:
"Day after day some newspaper somewhere decides to run the same old tired story about unannounced Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, declaring that a Mormon could never be elected president because the evangelical Christians would never support him."

GOP Health Proposals Sickening

Cato Institute: GOP Health Proposals Sickening:
"Or launching even more direct assaults on economic freedom. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney just signed a bill that requires Bay Staters to buy health insurance under penalty of law. Can we look forward to being greeted at the border with, 'Welcome to Massachusetts - your health papers, please'?"

Romney administration fires back at podium criticism

Sentinel & Enterprise: Romney administration fires back at podium criticism:
"The podium Romney used onstage last weekend bore the gubernatorial seal, not the state seal, Fehrnstrom added, though both seals bear the same coat of arms.

'This is an exceedingly trivial issue. Our focus is on education, health care and job creation,' he said. 'Phil Johnston (chairman of the state Democratic Party) is focused on podiums and state seals. No wonder they haven't won a governor's election in 16 years.'"

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

News from Agape Press (Commentary)

News from Agape Press:
"'The frontrunners are [Senator George] Allen and [Governor Mitt] Romney right now,' Hewitt notes. 'It's going to be one of those two. Giuliani is, to my way of thinking, not running -- although he would be formidable, despite his very liberal social policies.'"

Romney says he will address his religion if he "goes national" Romney says he will address his religion if he "goes national":
"Gov. Mitt Romney, confronted almost daily with questions about how his Mormon faith would affect a potential run for president, said Wednesday he envisions mimicking John F. Kennedy and explaining his little-known religion if he decides to 'go national.'

"I think if I decided to go national that there will probably be a time when people will ask questions, and it will be about my faith, and I'll have the opportunity to talk about the role of religion in our society and in the leadership of our nation," Romney said after attending a charter school event in Boston."

Healey, Romney at odds on gas tax rollback - The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe: Healey, Romney at odds on gas tax rollback:
"Moments earlier, Romney -- who is weighing a campaign for the GOP presidential nomination -- said suspending the 21-cents-per-gallon state gas tax would only encourage more gas consumption.

''I am very much in favor of people recognizing that these high gasoline prices are probably here to stay and that the appropriate action for us to take is to find ways to find fuel conservation,' he said."

Mormon Mitt must faith facts Mormon Mitt must faith facts: Eyes JFK-style speech on his religious beliefs:
"Gov. Mitt Romney knows he must make the speech of his life from the presidential campaign pulpit to set American voters at ease with his Mormonism, just as John F. Kennedy did in 1960 to help them accept his Catholicism. "

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Romney podium switch part of his expanding political choreography - Romney podium switch part of his expanding political choreography:
"The $2,500 lectern, one of two owned by Romney that mimic those used regularly by President Bush, has become a staple at events that could easily provide imagery for future campaign commercials.

Its use is an example of the careful choreography under way as Romney winds down his term in office and prepares for a possible entrance onto the grandest of political stages, a White House campaign."

Romney on Roe

Hugh Hewitt: Romney on Roe:
Statement made in 2005. Find it about half-way down the page.

"HH: Would you welcome the overturning of Roe v. Wade Governor Romney?

MR: Well, I would welcome the overturning of that portion of Roe v. Wade that says abortion has to apply in every single state and removes from the state the opportunity it has to make important decisions of its own. I believe in democracy. I believe in the right of states to deal with difficult issues in different ways, state to state."

Mitt's Non-Miracle Mitt's Non-Miracle:
"Well, that didn't take long. Only two weeks ago Massachusetts passed an experiment in compulsory, subsidized health insurance, and already it's turning into an employer mandate and a vehicle for increasing the role of government."

A Health Fix That Is Not Fantasy

New York Times: A Health Fix That Is Not Fantasy:
An older article (2 weeks), but Mr. Leonhardt comes at the health insurance issue from a different perspective.

"I know that a lot of fans of a government-run system will find the Massachusetts solution complicated and inefficient. But the reality is that a national system will remain a fantasy as long as most employers offer health insurance.

Mr. Romney and the legislature have given Massachusetts companies a way to drop coverage without appearing brutish. If they do so — if they really want to get out of the insurance business — the debate about health care will change very quickly."

Evangelicals prefer Clinton over a Mormon? (Blog)

GetReligion: Evangelicals prefer Clinton over a Mormon?:
"Evangelicals, whoever these strange folks are, prefer a President Clinton II to a President Romney? You have to be kidding me.

The biggest problem I had with Novak’s article is the assumption that evangelical voters — those who are orthodox in their politics — actually have that level of influence in the Republican Party. The influence of these voters is minimal and must be separated from the millions of churchgoers who readily voted for Ronald Reagan despite his wife’s use of a personal astrologer to help determine his schedule."

Novak Rides A Favorite Horse (Blog)

Decision ‘08 » Blog Archive » Novak Rides A Favorite Horse:
"I’m in agreement with Romney, and I may very well be wrong, but I’ve always felt that the power of the ‘Religious Right’ (notice the capitals) is greatly exaggerated. What politicians should focus on is the religious right, intentionally unqouted and uncapitalized. Most Republicans are people of faith, but they don’t take their marching orders from anyone; they just prefer a candidate who is friendly (or at least not hostile) to religion."

The Corner on National Review Online (Blog)

The Corner on National Review Online:
"When I ran into the governor of Massachusetts (Mitt Romney—heard of him?) last night, along with his lovely wife, Ann, Romney was being cornered by David Gregory. What better test to determine whether or not he's up for the job...he—they, actually—looked to be naturals."

An evening with Mitt Romney (Blog)

Power Line: An Evening With Mitt Romney:
"Tonight I had the privilege of attending a dinner with Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and two or three dozen journalist types. Romney's statements were off the record but I can report the following three impressions: (1) in many ways, Romney would be an exceedingly attractive presidential candidate, (2) Romney is an instinctive problem solver and an instinctive conservative; most of the time the two sets of instincts won't collide, but the problem solver instinct is the stronger of the two, and (3) Mitt Romney is a man of real substance."

Monday, May 01, 2006

Romney Shines at Washington's 'Oscars' by John Gizzi

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE - Romney Shines at Washington's 'Oscars' by John Gizzi:
"Although George Clooney and former CIA operative Valerie Plame certainly got their share of “ink” after the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner Saturday evening, people were still talking today about the one potential ’08 Republican candidate who not only showed up but worked the crowd with the fervor of the missionary he once was."

Opinion Pieces Address Massachusetts Health Insurance Law - - Opinion Pieces Address Massachusetts Health Insurance Law:
"Several newspapers recently published opinion pieces on a law enacted last month by Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) that will require all uninsured state residents to purchase health insurance by July 1, 2007, and will require employers in the state with 11 or more employees to provide coverage for workers. Summaries appear below."

Church and State: A Cue From JFK Washington Whispers: Church and State: A Cue From JFK:
"Now, 46 years later, Massachusetts has coughed up another presidential hopeful who belongs to what some see as a weird religion--the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And the candidate, Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, plans to copy, almost exactly, JFK's winning approach."

Gov. Romney getting noticed nationally

Sentinel & Enterprise: Gov. Romney getting noticed nationally:
"There he is, Mitt Romney on national television, front man for the first universal health care plan in the country that somehow pleases conservatives and liberals.

There he is, in the chilly stands of Torino prompting memories, and commentary, about his success as an executive...

Romney's gotten around, and people with their eye on the White House are starting to take note."

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Amid fanfare, Romney leaves lasting images

The Boston Globe: Amid fanfare, Romney leaves lasting images:
"It was supposed to be Kerry Healey's day. But before she took the stage, the state party showed a video tribute to Governor Mitt Romney that suggested his mind has already moved past his governorship and on to bigger things.

The 11-minute video included dramatic shots of Romney walking alongside President Bush at the 2002 Winter Olympics and emotional footage of the ruined World Trade Center just after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The point, of course, was that Romney kept the Olympic Games safe for the world."

Novak says Mitt Romney will not get Evangelical votes (Blog)

| RedState: Novak says Mitt Romney will not get Evangelical votes:
"When you surfs blogs all day, you just can't imagine that someone would not know who Mitt Romney is. But that average American is just not that connected to what is going on.

So the perception that the Romney '08 campaign is gaining steam nationally is a false reality. It is only true in the artificial world of the blogosphere."

Massachusetts Health-Care Law Launches Romney into GOP’s Top Tier (Blog)

Fuller's Field:
An Iowa physician gives his opinion on the Mass. health care plan.

"A fascinating component of the Mass. plan is “The Connector” which came about through Romney’s reaching out to the conservative think tank “The Heritage Foundation.” This entity will allow the self-employed or part-time workers to obtain the benefit of pre-tax dollar utilization for insurance premiums (a benefit currently reserved for those whose health care coverage is provided by their employers.) In effect, this amounts to a tax-cut/tax-break (true to Republican principles . . . even in the Bluest of Blue states . . . how did Gov. Romney get this done?)."