Thursday, October 05, 2006

Romney stops in Austin

Romney stops in Austin | Postcards from the Trail:
"Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican who might run for president, stopped in Austin on Wednesday. Romney had a breakfast with donors, then met with some political pros at the Stephen F. Austin hotel. He also met with Gov. Rick Perry."

Romney Spends Freely, With an Eye on 2008

Romney Spends Freely, With an Eye on 2008 - The Fix:
"Don't underestimate Romney when it comes to organization muscle. Aside from Arizona Sen. John McCain no Republican eyeing the 2008 race has spread as much money around in key states and recruited the depth of staff talent. Romney has used the last year to position himself as the McCain alternative in the field and barring some sort of major misstep he will start 2007 in great shape to make a run at the nomination."

Gallup poll: Two thirds of Americans not ready for a Mormon president

Massachusetts elections 2006 Boston Globe blog - Gallup poll: Two thirds of Americans not ready for a Mormon president:
"A Gallup poll taken last month has found that 66 percent of people questioned feel that the US is not 'ready'' for a Mormon president and 29 percent said the US is ready. Sixty-four percent said the US is not ready for an Asian president. On the other hand, 61 percent said the US is ready for a woman as president."

Mitt Romney: Worth a Look for 2008

Family Security Matters:
"Those are some actions. But in this war, words are also extremely important. During a global war on Islamic fascism that will likely last decades, the president must be able to rally the nation (and sometimes even the world) to the cause. He must be able to explain exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it. At this point, most reasonable people will probably admit that for all his virtues, President Bush often struggles in this regard."

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Great '08 Endorsement Watch

Hotline On Call: The Daily Troika: Great '08 Endorsement Watch:
"In the Hotline and on On Call, we frequently publish the names of newly public supporters of the presidential bids of Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain. Occasionally, as we'll do today, we juxtapose the additions to Romney's PAC with the additions to McCain's PAC, as if the two camps are engaging in a direct get-for-get. On a macro level, it's true: there's a fixed pool of Republicans, and every person McCain sings up becomes a person who won't support Romney. And it's also true that these early endorsements send indirect messages to undecided Republican leaders. "

Mitt gains ground in the blogosphere

Salt Lake Tribune - Mitt gains ground in the blogosphere:
"There are the Texans for Mitt, the Tennesseeans for Mitt, the Iowans for Mitt. Then there are the Evangelicals for Mitt, the Catholics for Mitt and the Law Students for Mitt.
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney isn't a declared candidate for president yet, but already several Web logs, or blogs, are sprouting up to promote the Republican for the White House in 2008. "

Granite State GOP activists joining Gov. Romney's PAC

Union Leader - Granite State GOP activists joining Gov. Romney's PAC - Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2006:
"Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's political action committee yesterday released the names of 58 Granite Staters who are joining the PAC's New Hampshire steering committee."

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Despite contrasting home state popularity, Governors Romney and Warner both playing well in New Hampshire

Despite contrasting home state popularity, Governors Romney and Warner both playing well in New Hampshire |
"Afterwards, Caren Peloso, a GOP candidate for state representative from Dover, noted that “Massachusetts is so Democratic and New Hampshire has always been so Republican, but that’s starting to change because of all of the people from Massachusetts who have moved up here.”

In other words, Romney may play well in New Hampshire not in spite of his lukewarm home state popularity, but because of it."

In Politics, Are Things Always What They Seem? (blog)

Article VI Blog » Blog Archive » In Politics, Are Things Always What They Seem?:
"This, for one thing, opens Dobson up to charges of wanting to build a 'theocracy.' I also think it causes him to part ways with others with whom he usually finds common cause like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and National Association of Evangelicals President Ted Hagels. All have been cited on this blog, not endorsing Romney, but saying there should be no problem voting for a Mormon. I think Dobson may have just spent more of his political capital than he really wanted to."

Is a Mormon the top candidate for the religious right?

GetReligion: October 3, 2006:
"The potential harshness that religious conservatives could show to a Romney candidacy should not be underestimated, though. Doctrinally, some mainline Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians consider the group a cult. But for whom will this matter when it comes to issues like abortion and same-sex marriage? What will Pat Robertson and James Dobson say? What will mainline Protestant denominations say?"

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mitt Romney's faith is an asset for 2008 race

Salt Lake Tribune - Mitt Romney's faith is an asset for 2008 race: "Though most Americans consider themselves Christian, few concern themselves with the intricacies of Christian theology. The vast majority could not accurately describe any difference between their personal Christian theology and the theology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

Mormon with a JFK touch is right on McCain's tail

Mormon with a JFK touch is right on McCain's tail - Times Online:
"The clean-cut governor spent last weekend at the Family Research Council summit in Washington, the spiritual home of Christian “values voters” who provided the bedrock vote for Bush in 2004. Romney is a Mormon, which was once thought to be an insuperable barrier to winning evangelical support. “Everyone I talked to said they didn’t have a problem with it,” one attendee said."

Romney on Islam, Asia, oil, marriage

Concord Monitor Online Article - Romney on Islam, Asia, oil, marriage:
"'I know that a lot of people, when I go through a list like that, can get a little discouraged,' said Romney to the audience at the New Hampshire Republican State Convention at Concord's Capitol Center for the Arts. 'But don't. America always rises to the occasion.' "

How about Edwards vs. Romney?

Politics Blog » Blog Archive » How about Edwards vs. Romney?:
"Having said that, it would be fair for the reader to ask which likely candidates this writer chose. So, although it is surely a fool’s errand to say anything this far out from the presidential primary season, here goes: former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards for the Democrats and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the Republicans."

GOP touted at meet-and-greet

Portsmouth Herald Local News: GOP touted at meet-and-greet:
"Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney delivered the keynote speech. Romney, who owns property on Lake Winnipesaukee, told attendees about a discussion he had with a Democratic friend of his. During that discussion, Romney said he discovered the key difference between Republicans and Democrats."

The American Spectator

The American Spectator:
"Word is, some prominent Catholic Federalist Society members are working with the Romney campaign to build out conservative Catholic support in Washington and elsewhere for a man whose positions on life and social issues have been, if nothing else, evolving."

Romney for President? for President?::By Doug Wilson:
"Yes, I said, that’s Mitt Romney. Later on it struck me that they’re might be a lot of other folks out there who, like my friend, don’t know who Mitt Romney is. That should change. And after attending a small, private dinner reception for Romney in California recently, I think I can help make that happen."