Friday, December 22, 2006

Romney set for presidential announcement

The Massachusetts chief executive is expected to file paperwork as early as Jan. 2 with the Federal Election Commission, establishing a presidential campaign committee and permitting himself to begin raising money for his race on the first business day of the new year. Romney will leave office on Jan. 4.


Blogger Jason said...

Time is getting close and we're all stoked...I though it was interesting that during an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Mitt, like usually, did a fabulous job articulating his stance a variety of issues and displaying a tremendous sense of loyalty to our country.

When asked about whether he is going to run for the white house he stated, “Could I really make a difference to help America at this time? It's not a matter of what kind of a sacrifice it would be for me and my family, because frankly, anybody who puts on a uniform is making a much bigger sacrifice than any politician I know.” What an honest, good, and wise man. See for more information. It would mean a lot to me if you could place a link to this site on your blog. Thanks!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said... Disdorses Romney:

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