Monday, May 15, 2006

Poll: Gov just a pretty face Poll: Gov just a pretty face:
"Voters nationally see Mitt Romney as a pretty face but an empty suit, giving him high marks for his chiseled good looks but low grades for honesty, conviction and uniqueness, according to a high-tech poll provided exclusively to the Herald. "

Massachusetts: a fine state of affairs (Opinion)

The Seattle Times: Opinion: Massachusetts: a fine state of affairs: "In Boston, legislators were completing work on a remarkable law that — if it works — will provide health coverage for almost all the state's residents. The bill passed overwhelmingly last month in the Democratic-controlled Legislature and was signed into law by Republican Gov. Mitt Romney. This week, the Legislature was dealing with Romney's vetoes of a few provisions."

Sen. McCain visits Utah meet Sen. McCain visits Utah meet:
"He made little comment about Romney, only saying he had 'a high regard for Gov. Romney' for his work as governor and on the 2002 Olympics. Because of his success in heavily Democratic Massachusetts and a recent statewide health care plan, Romney is considered another front-runner for the nomination."